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Proud of our history of over 110 years, we provide a professional, reliable and friendly service to all of our customers in the Commercial and Residential sectors.  
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Unit 7, Cecil Court, Maurice Road Industrial Estate, Wallsend, NE28 6BY

  1. Reach & Wash Pole System
    Ideal for high glass and solar panels.
    The Reach & Wash Pole System is a relatively new method of cleaning and has revolutionised the cleaning industry. By using 100% pure water, pumped through telescopic poles, we are able to access and clean windows/frames/cladding and solar panels to heights of up to 65 feet (5-6 floors). This method gives you access to areas which were previously inaccessible, reduces costs of access equipment and gives a fantastic finish.
  2. Traditional Ladder
    Traditional Ladders are used whenever possible, when requested to give that close up clean.
    Our operatives are fully trained in the use of ladders. We find on some occasions our customers prefer a close up clean with the mop/squeegee and wash leather. This is no problem and can be achieved when health & safety permits. We have some of the best window cleaners in the business, with valuable years of experience.
  3. Cherry Picker Access
    There are so many types of access equipment, we are sure any location can be cleaned.
    For those difficult access areas, we use cherry pickers and access equipment of all types to enable the perfect clean. All of our operatives are trained in access work, giving that close up clean in the most inaccessible places. Our rates are very competitive.
  4. Cradle Access
    Should your building be fitted with a cradle, then look no further, we have the operatives to carry out your clean.
    Having the cradle in place on your building is a great benefit and generally a cost saving device. Our operatives are competent and trained to work from cradles. We understand each building has its own regulations and requirements and our operatives undergo the various training on site to be able to carry out the work required.
We're keen to keep the sun shining through your windows...